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Double Materiality & Stakeholder Engagement

Organizations should develop strategies according to their sustainability priorities by “Double Materiality” in line with their stakeholders.

Climate-Driven Corporate Sustainability

Organizations must transform their sustainability approach into a management strategy to prevent the economic, environmental and social destruction caused by the climate crisis.

Sustainable Development

The period 2020-2030 has been defined as “Decade of Action”. Companies are expected to develop more effective and ambitious practices within the scope of sustainability.


Online training and awareness sessions through sustainability vision


Climate-driven transition for corporate sustainability

Analysis & Reporting

Corporate Sustainability Reporting (GRI Standards 2021) & CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) Reporting

Our Team

Dr. Ahmet Feyzioğlu

Founding Partner

Zafer Yalçınpınar

Zafer Yalçınpınar

Manager Partner

Leonardo Piccinetti 

Sustainable Innovation Expert

Dr. Nur Fındık Çınar


Filiz Candan


Dr. H. Merve Başar

Dr. H. Merve Başar

Chief Sustainability Officer

Oğulcan Hapoğlu

Regional Director, EEMEA

Dr. Akın Gök

Chief Technology Officer

Muhammet Bahadır Kacar

Software Engineer

Elif Genç

Software Engineer

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