170 actions that we can take to combat Climate Change and participate in the UN Sustainable Development Goals have been identified.


The average temperature on the planet is rising at an unusually fastpace and is threatening the balance of the world’s natural ecosystems. The reason for extreme temperatures, floods, large scale fires and mass extinctions of species is mainly attributed to our unsustainable consumption behaviour, that can be noted since the beginning of industrialization. As a result, human lives are being increasingly endangered, as we rely on natural resources.

Instead of being discouraged, we want to take action in the fight against climate change and motivate you to join us as well. The goal is to keep the increase in global average temperature to below 2° C above preindustrial levels. This mission is urgent for the survival of human lives, and this is why we all need to take part – everyone is called upon to contribute, as we all depend on our natural environment for sustenance. This website is part of the “170 Series” launched by the PerceptionChange Project of the UN. It gives you 10 suggestions for each of the 17 SDG goals about what you can do on a daily basis to protect the environment and help mitigate climate change effects.


  • The human activity of production and consumption is extremely intertwined and has complex value chains – this is why we stress the word “sustainable” in the sense that the actions you take should possibly contribute to alleviate a problem at its roots and not just getting rid of “symptoms”.
  • We all live in different surroundings, climates, social and economic spheres and landscapes, health conditions and carry different responsibilities. So not all ideas may be applicable to every single person.
  • The ideas in this booklet are basic – adapt the ideas to your personal environment, such that they make sense being put into practice where you are.
  • In general, it’s about aspiring the balance. It would be wrong to say that the whole world population must reduce its consumption, as a significant part of the world’s population has hardly any access to basic living requirements. Still, try to keep in mind that it is generally about asking yourself if you need something and if yes, how much you need it, or if there would be a more environmentally friendly alternative to it.
  • While greatly inspired by the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, some of the ideas provided may seem to go beyond this scope. Sometimes, the ideas complement the SDGs well, and sometimes certain ideas align with more than one goal. This further portrays the intersectionality of climate change, and how there are endless opportunities to tackle it , if we all work together.

You can access the report from the link below: https://sites.ungeneva.org/170actions/climate/documents/PCP170_actions5.pdf

Source: https://sites.ungeneva.org/170actions/climate/