Climate Science Based Sustainability and Innovation Network

Sustainable Development, Decarbonization and Transition to Circular Economy

Sustainable Future

To live in a better world..

Corporate sustainability, decarbonization and green development are the assurance of our future.

Sustainable Development

The period 2020-2030 has been defined as the "Decade of Action". Companies are expected to develop more effective and assertive practices within the scope of sustainability.

Double Materiality & Stakeholder Engagement

Organizations should develop strategies based on "Double Materiality" and sustainability priorities in line with their stakeholders.


Corporate Sustainability and Transition Strategies

Sustainability Balance Analysis and Double Materiality

Corporate Sustainability Reporting (GRI Standards 2021)

GHG Emissions Inventory & Calculation (Scope 1, 2, 3)

ISO 14064 Management System & Verification

Science Based Targets (SBTi) & Net Zero Standard

European Green Deal & Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) Compliance

Carbon Pricing, Offset and Balancing Mechanisms

CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) Reporting

Transition to Circular Economy (Industrial Symbiosis Applications)

ESG Scoring Systems and ESG Reporting

Cycling Rate and ISO 14067-Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

Sustainable Technologies, International Investments and Feasibility Studies (Green Transformation, R&D and Innovation Management)

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