ISO 59000 Series: Circular Economy Standards on the Horizon

Steps continue to be taken in the quest to establish a common reference in the field of circular economy.

The ISO 59000 series represents a significant stride toward the creation of standards for the circular economy. The initial drafts presented for voting form part of the work developed by the ISO/TC323 technical committee, which was established in 2018 to promote standardization in the field of circular economy.

The ISO/TC323 technical committee aims to develop frameworks, guidelines, and support tools to encourage standardization in the circular economy sector.

Among the standards submitted for approval are ISO 59004, ISO 59010, and ISO 59020.

ISO 59004: Circular Economy “Terminology, Principles, and Application Guide”
ISO 59004 defines the fundamental terminology of the circular economy and specifies its core principles. It also provides guidance on how to apply circular economy principles. ISO 59004 is designed for all private and public organizations, regardless of their sector or scale, and encompasses any type of organization within a specific value chain.

ISO 59010: Circular Economy “Business Model and Value Network Transition Guides”
ISO 59010 offers guidance for organizations seeking to transition their business models and value networks from a linear to a circular economy approach. ISO 59010 targets organizations of various sizes and sectors, aiming to facilitate the transition process.

ISO 59020: Circular Economy “Measurement and Assessment of Circularity”
ISO 59020 provides a framework for organizations to measure and assess circularity. This standard aims to assist organizations in gathering the necessary information to enable the effective implementation of circular economy practices that minimize resource use and promote circular resource flows.

The ISO 59000 series is expected to comprise a total of seven standards. These standards aim to contribute to the establishment of a more sustainable global economy by encouraging the more efficient use of resources, thus enhancing both environmental and economic sustainability. The circular economy represents an economic model that strives to increase sustainability by promoting more efficient resource utilization. The ISO 59000 series represents an important step toward achieving these objectives.

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