The Climate Law Will Be Presented to Parliament in the New Term

The Chairman of the Turkish Parliament’s Environmental Committee and AK Party Istanbul Deputy, Murat Kurum, has announced that the Climate Law will be presented to the parliament for approval in the new term.

Kurum stated, “Following discussions within our Environmental Committee, which has the framework to shape the next 100 years with the opening of our esteemed parliament, we will submit the Climate Law for approval by the parliament.”

In a written statement, Kurum pointed out that rapid urbanization due to population growth has led to both environmental and urban development issues. He emphasized that global issues such as climate crisis, global warming, ecological instability, decreasing biodiversity, and environmental pollution, particularly in recent years, have reached a point that all of humanity must address when we talk about climate change.

Kurum highlighted the fact that global temperatures are currently much higher than in previous years, with record-breaking temperatures experienced in July. He also mentioned that sea and ocean temperatures, as well as land temperatures, are rising excessively due to climate change. Droughts and sudden weather events are leading to food crises and high food inflation. Sea levels are rising significantly in oceans, and climate change is forcing people to migrate, as emphasized by the World Meteorological Organization. It is estimated that by 2050, over 216 million people will need to relocate to escape disasters.

Kurum underscored that the climate crisis is the biggest obstacle to sustainable development worldwide. He mentioned that the world is at a critical threshold, and keeping global warming within the 1.5-degree limit is the key goal. To achieve this, global emissions must be reduced by 45% by 2030 and reach net-zero by 2050. Kurum emphasized the need to reduce carbon footprints, integrate renewable energy into all aspects of life, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Kurum also noted that Turkey is among the countries at high risk from the potential effects of global climate change. He mentioned unprecedented floods, landslides, and unusual wildfires in the last two years. The number of sinkholes in Konya has approached 700, and the 20,000-year-old Cilo glaciers in Hakkari Cilo Mountain are melting rapidly. There is also a mucilage problem in the Marmara Sea.

As part of the fight against climate change, Kurum highlighted that their biggest preparation is the Climate Law. He emphasized the urgent need for a comprehensive Climate Law in Turkey. He mentioned that the Environmental Committee, along with relevant ministries, NGOs, universities, and municipalities, is in the final stages of preparing the law. He expressed hope that once the esteemed parliament opens, they will present the Climate Law for approval, which will shape the next 100 years and protect the environmental rights of all citizens while establishing environmental and climate justice.

Kurum also mentioned their efforts to secure these measures through legislation as part of the new constitution. He emphasized that the committee will contribute to the development of the environment and green spaces, the fight against climate change, and the transition to a circular economy.

In conclusion, Kurum stated, “In the 28th Legislative Term, we will continue our work with great sensitivity, dedication, and determination to achieve our 2053 Net Zero Emission goal. Just like yesterday, today, we will leave no one behind, be it any of our citizens or any living creature in nature. Nature will be the winner, our country will succeed, and our people will rejoice.”

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